Rounding Center

Manage rounds, inspections, audits, and surveys

Rounding Center is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for efficiently managing rounds, surveys, and audits and ensuring deficiencies are resolved quickly. Whether you are a stand-alone hospital or part of a larger health system, Performance Logic’s cloud-based system can help you streamline processes, save time, and improve outcomes.

How Can Rounding Center Help You?

  • Resolve deficiencies more quickly
  • Track progress and performance in real time
  • Enhance staff accountability and communication
  • Identify chronic problem areas
  • Eliminate time-consuming and inefficient paper processes
  • Store data securely and reliably with round-the-clock access
Rounding Center Slides

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iPad inspection

Rounding Center Features

  • Enter inspection findings into a user-friendly interface using your mobile device or workstation
  • Sort issues by location, functional area, staff assignment, time frame, and more
  • Send notifications and follow-up reminders with integrated email
  • Create action plans and schedule target completion dates
  • Generate status reports and graphical analyses with built-in reporting
  • Add supplemental surveys to your rounds
  • Easily make updates to your facility layout due to expansion or reorganization

How It Works

Process Flow for Rounds

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