Process Flow Solutions

Transform work processes with innovative solutions

The flexibility of the Performance Logic platform allows your team or organization to design a custom process flow with one of our experienced consultants. Performance Logic has more than 15 years of experience working with clients to build, refine, and automate project governance, process improvement, resource request, and other custom process flows.

We can work with you to standardize your existing processes, implement an integration process around various workflows, or assist you in developing a new and/or improved process. Examples of custom workflows include:

  • Innovation and Performance Improvement Idea Processes, including web-based suggestion forms, automated routing, email-based review, and status update alerts
  • Project Governance Processes, with ability to accommodate multi-level review including detailed request forms, return on investment calculations, complex project scoring matrixes, and prioritization reports
  • Capital Request Processes, including comprehensive GAP analysis, custom financial information for office space, equipment, employees, links to budget categories, and mult-tiered review boards
  • Strategy Execution, including tracking tasks and key metrics on both the initiative level and portfolio-wide and monitoring alignment with broader strategic goals
  • Value Analysis Workflows, to manage supply chain cost improvement idea workflows and provide financial tracking
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